Ljusrum is a design studio specialized in light, architecture and interior architecture.

We are a small personal company with great commitment and creativity. Our staff has expertise in lighting design, architecture, interior design, civil engineering and design. Curiosity, close cooperation and different experiences are the basis for innovative and excellent solutions where many different aspects are highlighted. Through our collaboration we can achieve more.

The common denominator for all of us is a passion for light.

We work in both large and small scale with offices, public buildings, tenant improvements, retail, hotel, residential, real estate, metro, parks and more.

Ljusrum covers projects in all different stages – from sketches to implementation and monitoring.

In close dialogue with clients and users, we are responsive to our customers’ requests. We offer professionalism, flexibility and elaborate solutions. One of our goals is to have long-term relationships with customers, clients, suppliers and other partners.

We are active all over Sweden, but primarily in Stockholm.

In current form Ljusrum has been operating since 2002

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